13 Sep 2012

If I Can Turn Back Time

Jung Eun-ji & Seo In-gook from Reply 1997
The hardest thing about the relationship between a man and a woman is the timing -- if the love doesn’t begin at the same time, it’s unlikely to ever begin at all.   
[from Reply 1997/ Answer Me 1997 - www.dramabeans.com)
Would you believe If I said I was crying just because of reading the recap of Reply 1997. Reply 1997 (or Answer Me 1997) is a korean drama about love and friendship. I'm not watching it yet, but I'll definitely watch it when it's finished aired in Korea.

I love this kdrama just like I love “Will It Snow for Christmas” (another kdrama) or “Hanamizuki” (Japan movie). Why? Because of the story. It's start from the teenage age, when you've met your soul mate. But at that time, you still don't know what you want, you don't know what love is, and the most important thing, you don't know who you love. That's why you let go of his/her hand. And for the next couple years, you’re searching the answer.

Until one day, you realized, you missed his/her so much. The memories are torturing you. Your heart warmed because you remember all the time you spent together before. You’re smirks when remember how stupid you are. But your heart also empty because he/she doesn’t stay by your side anymore. Then you’re facing another phase of pain. Trying to move on. Smiling outside but bleeding inside. Hoping that there is another chance to meet your soul mate once again.

Suddenly I feel sad. It was happened to me long time ago. When I think I’ve met my soul mate. But at that time, the universe didn’t support us. So, we decided to split up. Each expecting different things, each dreaming different dreams, each walking on different paths. Only that day, our path had met again at one point. There, we’re just stunned. Hesitated.

And when I’m really sure that he is the one I love. I tried to call him back. But I’m late. He's already gone. Forever. And deep in my heart, I just can whispered..

If I Can Turn Back Time